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In the heart of the historic center, every day you will find: schiacciate, first courses and main courses of the most authentic Tuscan tradition.

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In many parts of Tuscany, bread is without salt, but tasty flat breads are produced everywhere we call it schiacciate. Our schiacciate are made by combining the skills of the best bakeries in Florence with the choice of fillings with genuine high quality products. The products used are typical of our region, such as the Tuscan ham d.o.p., the crumble, the capocollo, the finocchiona, the Tuscan wild boar salami.

The result is tasty filled focaccia that can satisfy the most discerning palates of authentic flavors.

Always in high demand, our cutting boards are a concentrate of flavors. They range from the cold cuts of the Tuscan tradition: the Tuscan ham d.o.p., the sbriciolona, the capocollo, the finocchiona, the Tuscan wild boar salami with the tastiest cheeses, such as truffle pecorino, aged pecorino, fresh pecorino.
All the chopping boards are always accompanied with pear jam and honey, so as to further enhance the flavors of our cheeses.



Every day, from 17:30 you can enjoy the opportunity to taste the drink you want accompanying it with the food combinations that every evening will amaze you thanks to the genuine ingredients and the skills of our staff.



During the winter months the first most requested are certainly the soups of our Tuscan tradition such as ribollita, spelled soup and seven-grain soup.
Always very appreciated by adults and children are the traditional lasagna with meat sauce or the more delicate lasagna with pesto, as well as the traditional Florentine cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach covered with a delicate béchamel. In the hottest months, very popular are cold pasta embellished with simpler flavors such as pesto, cherry tomatoes, cherry mozzarella and rocket salad, tuna and olives.

Both in summer and winter, the second courses are exclusively based on meat and range from the traditional and very tasty peposo all'imprunetina, to Florentine tripe, rosat-beaf, arista, chicken with porcini mushrooms and always in demand eggplant parmigiana.

Our second courses are always accompanied by at least one side dish to choose from: fried potatoes, roast potatoes, spinach, beans with small eggs or vegetable caponata.

Every day is a good day to celebrate with one of our desserts that are made exclusively by us.

La Cantina di Baccus

The Wines of La Cantina di Baccus

Our wines are almost exclusively Tuscan, with sporadic incursions into the territories of the neighboring regions. The most requested and appreciated wines are for example the Beccaia di Bolgheri, the Tam Bolgheri Superiore, the Rosso di Montalcino, the Nobile di Montepulciano and as much appreciated organic wines are the Chianti Puro wine and the Morasco wine.

La Cantina di Baccus

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